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Norwich can fairly be described as the Dragonfly City. No other city has such a variety and wealth of dragonflies within its boundaries. But then few other cities can boast so much green space. So many good sites exist in fact that this page is merely an index to separate pages. Rather than just specific sites however, these pages also describe walks which together allow you to almost completely circumnavigate the city.

Particular mention should also be made of the Norwich Fringe Project - a collection of Local Nature Reserves (LNR) dotted about the city and surrounding area. Full details are here and we hope to eventually fully document the dragonflies to be found at each of those sites.

In the interests of protecting the environment this web site is set up to celebrate, can we recommend walking, cycling or taking the bus to these sites?

Here is an interactive map allowing you to explore the Norwich sites, (requires javascript and ideally a broadband connection).

Here is a kmz file for use with Google Earth. This file shows all the sites mentioned for Norwich.

These species have been recorded in Norwich.

Clicking on the English name will take you to the specific page

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