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Whitlingham Marsh

Picture of Whitlingham Marsh

A local nature reserve, situated next door to the Sewage works, This small reserve offers a circular walk with two hides.


From the County Hall roundabout, enter Trowse over the bridge and continue till you reach the bend. The turn for the broad is to the left, just after the village sign. Continue down the road, past Whitlingham Broad, till just before the flyover for the Southern Bypass - the carpark is to the left (You can open the gate if it's shut).


Since the walk is circular you can go either way, we'll take clockwise. From the car park, turn left down to the river. To your right are the reed beds that form the bulk of the reserve. It's always worth a quick scan of the beds from here as Chinese Water Deer are sometimes visible browsing here. Once at the river, turn right and you will shortly come to the first hide. A simple screen allowing views over the reed beds, this is a good spot for Brown Hawkers.

Continuing along the river bank should yield Southern and Migrant Hawkers. At the end of the reserve the path turns back towards the Southern Bypass, and we pass under the flyover. The actual reserve continues beyond this point but is not accessable. Once out from under the bypass we walk down a narrow section beside the road embankment(dogs should be kept under close control at this point, as the road is not fenced off.)

To your right you should see the path leading to the second hide. This is a traditional shed-like affair which look out over the only large open body of water on the reserve. Most of the dragonfly interest is actually in the walk to the hide, along the broadwalk, which should yield Black-tailed Skimmers, as well as Common Darters and the hawkers mentioned before. Damselflies here should include Large Reds, Common Blues, Azure and Blue-tailed.

Once in the hide and looking out, you may see an Emperor, and Ruddy darters alongside the species mentioned. Chasers are also a possibility, however without high powered optics you might find yourself struggling to identify anything.

Retracing your steps to rejoin the main path, you will shortly find yourself back at the car-park.


Return down Whitlingham Lane to visit Whitling Broad, Trowse Woood, Flower Meadow or Church.

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