Red-veined Darter

The Red-veined Darter (Sympetrum fonscolombii) is a relatively rare migrant to Britain in most years, but sometimes large numbers of darters fly in from the continent. These invasion years (the last was 2006) can result in hundreds of red-veined, yellow-winged and other rarities arriving on the coast. Although it has bred occasionally in Britain, so far it has failed to establish permanent colonies for more than a couple of years. It has been recorded breeding in Norfolk in 2002, in Breckland.

The invasion of 2006 was unusual in that the majority of sightings were north of the Wash. However, sightings were reported from across the North Norfolk coast.


Confusingly the female has yellow veins - only the male has the red veins from which it takes its commen name. The best characteristic is the eyes, which have the lower half blue.

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