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Scarce Chaser

The Scarce Chaser (Libellula fulva), as its name suggests, is a rare dragonfly. It is not common in Norfolk, but it is more frequent in Suffolk and is mainly found on the border on the Waveney and Yare rivers. This is a species however, which appears to be increasing its range elsewhere in the country, and thus it's worth keeping in mind when looking at any atypical black-tailed skimmer, particularly one perching on vegetation.

Picture of MaleScarce Chaser


Males can be confused with male Black-tailed Skimmers but these lack the black saddlebags on the hind wings and have green eyes, whereas Scarce Chasers have blue-grey eyes. {The Keeled Skimmer has similar eyes but lacks the black tail). Notice the marks on the side of the abdomen caused by the female scraping off some of the blue prunescence - this is charecteristic of this species.

Picture of Female Scarce Chaser
Photo:S Read

Females and immature males are distinctive and cannot really be confused, although very mature females turn almost black

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